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New directive on admission to prison hospital

2017 Sep 11 12:59
Prison Reforms Minister D.M. Swaminathan has issued a new directive making it compulsory for 3 prison hospital doctors to recommend if any prisoner should be admitted to the prison hospital. The directive comes after complaints that certain...
Views - 81

Mixed electoral system for LG polls

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:14
Cabinet approval has been received to hold the provincial council elections under the mixed electoral system, Minister of Local Government Faiszer...
Views - 63

Cancer risk warning in farming colonies

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:12
A rise in the risk of cancer has been detected among people living in farming colonies says Professor of the Rajarata Medical Faculty Dr Channa...
Views - 73

Clergy dismayed of social media religious memes

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:11
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference has slammed some social media users for sharing pictures bearing the face of a politician superimposed on an...
Views - 75

Change in office times to ease traffic

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:06
New work hours are planned for Government offices in the Battaramulla area from 18 September to help ease traffic congestion, Secretary of Home...
Views - 61

Commercial loans from China hamper Lanka growth

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:04
United States Acting Assistant Secretary of State, Alice Wells, says Sri Lanka is unnecessarily burdened with debt after obtaining...
Views - 61

India looking for closer ties - Modi

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:03
Indian Premier Narendra Modi says India is seeking to strengthen Indo – Lanka ties and foster a closer relationship between the two neighbours....
Views - 67

Former ministers unite against loss of wetlands

IMAGE 2017 Sep 11 13:02
Former speaker of Parliament Joseph Michael Perera and former minister Felix Perera have called for a stop to the practice of draining wetlands in...
Views - 61

The paradise in dry Hambantota

IMAGE 2017 Aug 04 17:59
Thorny bushes and cactus trees are some of the things that our minds conjure up when we think about the dry zone. However some of us may be...
Views - 188

Is Stonehenge giving up its secrets?

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 16:05
Stonehenge is one the UK’s most visited tourist attractions – and one of the world’s most enigmatic ancient monuments. People come from all...
Views - 152

The revival of Europe's oldest language

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 16:02
From my car window, I watched Spain transform. From Madrid in the country’s centre to the coastal north, empty land and grazing cows turned to...
Views - 140

North Korea preparing more missile launches, says South

IMAGE 2017 Sep 04 22:32
South Korea says it has seen indications that the North is preparing more missile launches, possibly an intercontinental ballistic missile. Defence...
Views - 89

India new defence minister hails progress for women

IMAGE 2017 Sep 04 21:47
Nirmala Sitharaman has been appointed India's first full-time woman defence minister in a cabinet reshuffle announced on Sunday. Ms Sitharaman was...
Views - 89

10 Unhealthy Diet Foods Nutritionists Would NEVER Let You Eat

IMAGE 2017 Jul 18 16:00
No matter how much exercise you do and how much you strive to eat well, there are some foods you should never touch. Nutritions will constantly tell...
Views - 190

6 College Degrees (And Jobs) That Pay Women More Than Men

IMAGE 2017 Jul 18 15:41
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – right? One of the most controversial and most asked questions is regarding the differences between men...
Views - 156

Sri Lanka look for solitary win today

IMAGE 2017 Sep 06 17:06
Sri Lanka will take on India in the only T20 match of the tour today. The match will be played at the R.Premadasa at 7pm. Sri Lanka will be captained...
Views - 72

India complete 5-0 whitewash

IMAGE 2017 Sep 04 23:13
India completed a humiliating 5-0 series win against Sri Lanka after winning the final ODI by 6 wickets at the R. Premadasa stadium yesterday. ...
Views - 79

Workshop to help SL cricket

IMAGE 2017 Sep 04 22:55
A workshop has been organized by the Ministry of Sports to obtain the suggestions of former cricketers and the general public to help reverse the...
Views - 118

Sri Lanka win Plate, Japan win Cup

IMAGE 2017 Sep 04 22:55
Japan beat hosts Hong Kong 19-12 in the 1st leg of the Asia Rugby sevens to win the Cup championship worked off on Saturday (2). Meanwhile Sri Lanka...
Views - 80

No pressure on me – Malinga

IMAGE 2017 Sep 01 10:36
Stand-in skipper Lasith Malinga says there is no extra pressure on his team to perform in the 4th ODI against India at the R. Premadasa stadium...
Views - 93

All Telco Operators agree to grant 10% bonus data on Internet Packages

IMAGE 2017 Aug 23 18:43
August 22, 2017, Licensed Telecommunications Operators announced  that all mobile and fixed line subscribers will be granted a 10% bonus usage...
Views - 92

Dialog Axiata Trials 5G for the First Time in South Asia

IMAGE 2017 Aug 23 12:32
Sri Lanka yet again showcased its dominance as the regional hub for telecommunications with Dialog Axiata demonstrating 5G (Generation) Technology...
Views - 123

The goods and commodities shaping global trade

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 15:52
The world has been transformed by international trade.Networks moving raw materials and goods around the globe have helped make our lives more...
Views - 155

World Buddhis Summit pic slider

Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Meeting with the Heads of State Media Organisations
Views - 21
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Opening Ceremony
Views - 18
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Views - 22
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Initial Training
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