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JO protest today

2017 Aug 18 15:55
The Joint Opposition (JO) has planned an anti-government protest in Colombo today. Leader of the JO Dinesh Gunawardena says a large gathering is expected to converge at the Ibbanwela junction this afternoon. “This government promised much...
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Two teens drown in Daduru Oya

IMAGE 2017 Aug 18 16:08
Two teenagers were reported to have drowned while swimming at the Daduru Oya. The teens were visiting their relatives in the area and had gone to the...
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Former senior DIG Bodhi Liyanage passes away

IMAGE 2017 Aug 18 16:06
Former senior DIG Bodhi Liyanage passed away in hospital this morning. He was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after suffering a brain aneurism....
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LG elections in December

IMAGE 2017 Aug 18 16:01
The long delayed Provincial Council elections is scheduled to be held in December this year. The decision comes after President Maithripala Sirisena...
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Travis Sinniah is new Navy Commander

IMAGE 2017 Aug 18 15:48
Vice Admiral Travis Sinniah has been appointed as the new Commander of the Navy. Vice Admiral Sinniah was Eastern Naval Commander prior to the...
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Tilak Marapana appointed FM

IMAGE 2017 Aug 16 15:46
Tilak Marapana was sworn in as the new Foreign Minister before President Maithripala Sirisena. Marapana also retains his Development Assignments...
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AWA gang member detained

IMAGE 2017 Aug 16 15:44
A man suspected of belonging to the AWA gang was arrested in the Kopay area by the STF on Monday (14). The man was identified as Ravindran Tharushan,...
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7 JO members to join Govt – Shantha Bandara

IMAGE 2017 Aug 16 15:42
Chairman of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Youth Front Shantha Bandara says seven members of the Joint Opposition group are set to join the government...
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The paradise in dry Hambantota

IMAGE 2017 Aug 04 17:59
Thorny bushes and cactus trees are some of the things that our minds conjure up when we think about the dry zone. However some of us may be...
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Is Stonehenge giving up its secrets?

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 16:05
Stonehenge is one the UK’s most visited tourist attractions – and one of the world’s most enigmatic ancient monuments. People come from all...
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The revival of Europe's oldest language

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 16:02
From my car window, I watched Spain transform. From Madrid in the country’s centre to the coastal north, empty land and grazing cows turned to...
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Cabinet of new Pakistan PM Abbasi sworn in

IMAGE 2017 Aug 04 12:18
The Cabinet of Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was sworn in today with media reports saying that Khawaja Asif has been appointed...
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Fire rips through Dubai Torch Tower

IMAGE 2017 Aug 04 12:17
A fire has ripped through a residential skyscraper in Dubai - for the second time in two years.Footage posted on social media showed flames spreading...
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The country that can’t choose a side

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 16:08
I was sitting in a grotto in southern Switzerland, savouring a regional version of risotto made with local merlot, surrounded by vibrant green...
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10 Unhealthy Diet Foods Nutritionists Would NEVER Let You Eat

IMAGE 2017 Jul 18 16:00
No matter how much exercise you do and how much you strive to eat well, there are some foods you should never touch. Nutritions will constantly tell...
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6 College Degrees (And Jobs) That Pay Women More Than Men

IMAGE 2017 Jul 18 15:41
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – right? One of the most controversial and most asked questions is regarding the differences between men...
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Visiting japan on a budget – free Sightseeing, cheap flights and hotels info

IMAGE 2017 Jul 18 14:06
Japan is one of the world’s best travel destinations. There are incomparable natural wonders like Mount Fuji and Yaku Shima Island; world-class...
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Sri Lankan sports journos beat India by 2 wickets

IMAGE 2017 Aug 11 22:45
The Sri Lanka Sports Journalists’ recorded a close 2-wicket victory in a twenty-20 cricket match against the Indian Sports Journalists' team at the...
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Axar Patel replaces Jadeja

IMAGE 2017 Aug 11 22:34
India have called in all rounder Axar Patel for the third test against Sri Lanka, as a replacement for the suspended Ravindra Jadeja....
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Ali’s five secures England 3-1 series victory

IMAGE 2017 Aug 08 16:50
Moeen Ali claimed five wickets as England completed a 177-run win over South Africa in the fourth Test at Old Trafford to seal a 3-1 series victory....
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Rangana Herath to miss third test

IMAGE 2017 Aug 08 16:28
Rangana Herath will be rested for the third Test at Pallekele after complaining of a stiff back. Two players will be added to Sri Lanka's squad...
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Barcelona president criticises Neymar

IMAGE 2017 Aug 08 16:24
Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has criticised Neymar for the manner in which he left the club for Paris St-Germain.And he revealed the club...
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The goods and commodities shaping global trade

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 15:52
The world has been transformed by international trade.Networks moving raw materials and goods around the globe have helped make our lives more...
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Riots and looting: my memories of Asia's financial crisis

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 15:50
The phone call came in the middle of the night. It was my mother, frantic but trying to inject calmness into her voice.There were riots in Jakarta,...
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Alphabet profits rocked by EU fine

IMAGE 2017 Jul 25 15:46
Profits at Alphabet, the parent company of search giant Google, have been hit by the record fine imposed by the European Commission last month.The...
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